Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chapter Four


I swerved down to try to help Takara, but she had found the unwanted company had friends… And big teeth…
“Oh great. Where are my manners?” Takara asked the Tekea sharks. “Say hello to my good friend Soni-” Takara started, but a Tekea shark cut her off by snapping at her foot.
“Sonic and Boom!” Takara finished, as she punched one of the sharks on the side of it’s head.
The shark that Takara hit started to sink in the deep blue water but then shot back up at an alarming speed. Right before it bit Takara in the back I did a drill dive on to the top of one of the shark’s head
I hate that sound I thought as I crashed into the shark’s skull, which made a sickening crack when I hit it.
“You’re doing this to save Takara.” The voice said.
“Have I ever mentioned I don’t like you? I asked the voice.
“You have never mentioned it.” The voice answered.
“I don’t like you!” I said harshly.
“Why don’t you like me?” The voice asked. “Oh and you might want to go up.” The voice finished.
“Why?” I asked, then looked over, too see a Tekea shark charging at me, it’s mouth open, ready to attack. I shot up into the air just in time ‘cause as soon as I was out of the water the charging shark rammed into a different shark! After the sharks hit each other the started to sink out of site, I remembered that I was fighting the sharks with Takara.
Where is she?!? I thought very worriedly. Then I saw her hand skim the top of the water, then it got ripped back down.
”Oh great.” I said sarcastically, then dove into the water where Takara had disappeared.
I started to go into the water when a Tekea shark smashed me out of the water, just as the Tekea shark hit me I saw a giant silhouette!
The giant silhouette started charging at a Tekea shark, and knocked it clear out of the water. (All most at me I might add.)
The silhouette started shrinking so I assumed that it was going down further into the water.
It suddenly stopped and darted towards the shoreline with something on it….
What is that? I thought.
“Your questions will be answered, shortly” The voice said.
“I hate you!” I said out loud, not fearing that someone would hear me.
“Hate is such a strong word.” the voice said emphasizing the word such.
“That’s why I use it on you.” I said bitterly, as I darted off towards the giant Rahi’s silhouette. As I got closer I noticed the thing on it was Takara! The Rahi came up so that Takara’s head came out of the water. The Rahi Came out onto the shore and gently laid Takara on the beach.
I darted down to the beach and gracefully landed right next to Takara.
“Is she going to be alright? I asked aloud exasperated.
“Yeah I think I’ll be alright.” Takara said, while coughing.
“Are you sure that you’re alright?” I asked very worried.
“Yep, I just have a few scratches and stuff.”. Takara said nonchalantly.
“Okay, we better go see the turaga now.” I told her.
“Where to?” She asked simply.
“See that green dome?” I asked while pointing.
“Well that’s where we gotta go.” I finished. But before we left Takara had to say “Thanks” to the Rahi. Then we started are way over there. Luckily the place that the Rahi dropped off Takara was really close to the place where I met the other turaga.

Later when we arrived I noticed that there was only one turaga there.
“Come quickly Toa!” Nokama said franticly. As she was running towards us carrying a map from what it looked like.
“You must hurry, the Bohrok will soon be woke. They will clear the island for the awaking of Mata-Nui, and you must be off this island by then.” Nokama told us.
“Okay. So where to next?” I asked.
“Le-Koro, then to Ko-Koro. Here I have marked all the places that you’ll need on this map.” “Now hurry toa for the fate of Sokea-Nui lies in you hands...” Nokama told us while handing us the map.
“Okay.” Me and Takara said, then we turned around and started running towards Le-Koro.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 3

Chapter three
When I opened my eyes I saw another wave coming at me and I moved just in time. When the wave hit a rock behind me, the rock split in half!
“That was too close!” I exclaimed.
“Yes, it was.” A female voice said.
“Who are you?” I asked plainly.
“My name is Takara,” she answered. “What’s yours?” She asked simply.
“Sakaru.” I replied quickly.
“Where are you from?” I asked curiously.
“Umm….” Takara thought.
“Did you get out of a canister back that way?” I asked while pointing in the direction I saw the other canister.
“Yeah.” She said.
“GREAT!” I exclaimed. “Come with me.” I finished.
“Why?” Takara asked.
“I’ll let Vakama explain.” I said.
“Wh-” She began, but I cut her off,
“I’ll explain later.” I said
“But-” She started again.
“You have so many questions and you want answers, right?” I said.
“But how did you-” She started, again I cut her off.
“I know, I’ve already gone through the same thing… Kinda” I answered. “So are you coming?” I asked her.
“Sure.” Takara answered slowly.
“Great!! Hurry, the faster we’re the faster we both get answers.” I said.

As I was flying the voice came back…Great *Note sarcastic voice.*
“Good job on finding Takara.” The voice said. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not.
“What do you want?” I mumbled, so Takara swimming below me wouldn’t hear.
“I just want to help you on your way.” He said.
“Some how I don’t believe you.” I said.
“Who are you talking to? Takara asked me.
“No one.” I answered simply.
“But I thought I heard you talking to someone.” Takara said slowly.
After a few minutes of flying (swimming for Takara.) I looked down and saw the silhouette of a large Tekea Shark underneath Takara.
“TAKARA LOOK OUT!!!” I yelled to Takara as the Tekea shark got closer to her…

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chapter Two

As I stormed off I could still hear them talking about me and other things.
“Are you sure he’s the one?” Matau asked softly .
“yes I’m sure.” Vakama said confidentially.
Don’t sound so sure. I thought. When I was finally out of ear shot I started to talk to my self.
“Why me? Why would they want me?” I asked myself.
“Because you have a power beyond what you know.” A voice said that I thought was in my head.
"Who are you?!?" I thought.
“I am one who will be watching over you.” The deep voice answered.
"Are you friend or foe?" "Are you in my head or are you some twisted matoran that can throw its voice?" I asked (In my head DUH! Do you think I want to sound like a freak? I don’t think so!)
“I am not your foe nor am I a matoran.” “And I don’t live in your head” The voice said.
“Does that mean you are someone else’s enemy?” I asked. (I’m not sure if I had asked out of my head)
“Everyone is a enemy of someone else.” The voice said.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” I said very irritated.
When they said I had to find a canister I thought I would find a big sealed canister… well I found a big canister but, it wasn’t sealed…. It was open with orange-ish brown-ish crabs, with ash black spots on them. In the canister… No Toa just crabs…
“WHAT?!?” I shouted. All of crabs winced.
“No one said your task would be easy .” The voice.
“Yeah so what.” I grumbled.
“If I really was a toa wouldn’t I know what my mask power is and what my weapons are?” I asked.
“You’ll learn what they are in good time.” the voice said anger rising in its voice.
“Yeah right” I grumbled.
Just as I thought I was going to get a angry response from the voice I saw a set of foot-prints walking into the jungle.
“Eureka!!!” I shouted, as I started to run off into the jungle.
While I was still running on the beach the (There’s a nice distance between the beach and the jungle) I saw the foot-prints change to the steps to the telescope.
“I’ve got you know.” I whispered to myself.
As I was climbing the stairs my foot slipped on a step making a crunching/slipping sound, which of course made the toa turn around and jump off of the platform and into the dark blue water.
“What?!?” I said aggravated. Then I did it I unfolded my wings and jumped of the ledge.
You know what? Jumping of a cliff like ledge is not very relaxing….At all.
The air whistling past my ears almost made me deaf, almost but then the adrenaline pumping through the veins in my wings making it so they started flapping!
Now only if I could get an upward draft…. I thought. And then I got it! The upward draft!
Except it was way to hard I went up, up, but thankfully not away. While I was floating above the water I was scanning it for any sign of a Toa or any life. Right now I think my chances of finding something is very slim.
Just then I saw it a blue and white outline. Okay it could have been a fish, but I think it was safe to assume it was a Toa.
“Go in after her!” The voice said.
“WHAT?!?” I shouted. “THE WEATHER IS TO STRONG AND I’M NOT A TOA OF WATER!!!” I finished still shouting.
“Calm down.” The voice said.
“Who are you?” I asked changing the subject.
“That is for me to know and you to find out” It said tauntingly.
“Like I haven’t heard that one before.” I mumbled. Then a giant wave hit me, then every thing went dark.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here we go!!!

Chapter One

As I opened My eyes I looked down the golden beach, the waves splashing. Where am I? I thought. I could only remember opening my eyes and looking at the beach…. As I stood up I looked at the immense village floating on the water, a great volcano with pitch black smoke rising out of it. As I looked at myself I am mainly red with a little black, I had long white wings….. That I still didn’t know how to use… And I have black and gold feet.
When I stood up I tried to remember why I was where I was.
Then I remembered something I was having a dream about Makauta and Mata-Nui and some other people…. Then I remember waking up on the beach
With this in mind I was off! As I raced down the beach I ran into a red turaga. I was surprised when I looked at his face and noticed that he was smiling. “Glad to see you made it” he said with no anger in his voice.
“Who are you?” I asked slowly.
“I am Vakama” Vakama replied.
“Why were you expecting me?” I asked him slowly.
“We have picked you and six more to defend Sokea-Nui.” Vakama replied.
“We who? What other six?” I asked very frustrated.
“The five other turaga, and the six other toa” Vakama replied patiently.
“Where do I find these other six toa?” I asked anger rising in my voice.
“You will find them when the time is right” Vakama answered.
“We better hurry or we’ll be late!” Vakama said then started running to the village on the water.
“Where are we going?” I asked while trying to keep up with him. Whoa I didn’t now turaga could run so fast.
“We’re going to a meeting with the other turaga.” “I was going to one when you ran into me.” Vakama explained.
As we walked up to the largest hut it looked about fifty feet high, and fifty feet long I’m talking big. (For a hut at least) It’s a green-ish yellow with big bamboo doors.
When we walked in the turaga were already around a big table with a map of Mata-Nui built in it. There were a lot more maps scattered across the walls and several pink, orange and blue lights on the ceiling, and on the walls and one beautiful chandelier on the middle of the ceiling.
While we walked in Matau looked up and came over to greet us.
“Vakama you were the one who called this meeting, and guess what you’re late.” Matau said with a hint of teasing in his voice.
“But the good thing is that you’re here” Nokama said before Matau could say anything else.
“Yeah now we can start!” Onewa said.
“ Who is he?” Whenua said slowly.
“This is Sakaru: Toa of Magma.” “He is the first of the seven Toa who will save Sokea-Nui” Vakama told them.
“Oh I see.” Whenua said.
“Okay lets get to business.” Nuju said, as he looked over at Vakama.
“Yes, I have called you all here together for a horrible thing has happened, a Makuta of ice has frozen the whole island of Sokea-Nui” “ This Island is very large and use to export large amounts of flax. The Island in places are twenty or more degrees below zero, causing a large threat to all life on it.” Vakama said.
“And this includes me how?” I asked bluntly.
“Sokea-Nui is where you have been living before you were transported by canister.” Vakama answered.
“When did you plan on telling me about this?” I asked.
“When it became important.” “Your quest now is to find the other canisters that washed upon the shore across Mata-Nui.” Vakama told me.
“Okay where do I start?” I said with a lot of annoyance in my voice.
“You have to go to Ga-Koro, which means you just have to find a canister.” Vakama said.
“Oh and always check in to the nearest village every time you find a Toa.” Whenua added .
“Okay” I said still annoyed.
“Be careful, because the mission that lies ahead of you is very dangerous.” Onewa said very gravely.


Hello I am Sakaru a toa of magma,

The fact that you have found this blog means that Sokea-Nui is closer to being thawed.

Well I'm off! So long!