Monday, June 23, 2008

Chapter Two

As I stormed off I could still hear them talking about me and other things.
“Are you sure he’s the one?” Matau asked softly .
“yes I’m sure.” Vakama said confidentially.
Don’t sound so sure. I thought. When I was finally out of ear shot I started to talk to my self.
“Why me? Why would they want me?” I asked myself.
“Because you have a power beyond what you know.” A voice said that I thought was in my head.
"Who are you?!?" I thought.
“I am one who will be watching over you.” The deep voice answered.
"Are you friend or foe?" "Are you in my head or are you some twisted matoran that can throw its voice?" I asked (In my head DUH! Do you think I want to sound like a freak? I don’t think so!)
“I am not your foe nor am I a matoran.” “And I don’t live in your head” The voice said.
“Does that mean you are someone else’s enemy?” I asked. (I’m not sure if I had asked out of my head)
“Everyone is a enemy of someone else.” The voice said.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” I said very irritated.
When they said I had to find a canister I thought I would find a big sealed canister… well I found a big canister but, it wasn’t sealed…. It was open with orange-ish brown-ish crabs, with ash black spots on them. In the canister… No Toa just crabs…
“WHAT?!?” I shouted. All of crabs winced.
“No one said your task would be easy .” The voice.
“Yeah so what.” I grumbled.
“If I really was a toa wouldn’t I know what my mask power is and what my weapons are?” I asked.
“You’ll learn what they are in good time.” the voice said anger rising in its voice.
“Yeah right” I grumbled.
Just as I thought I was going to get a angry response from the voice I saw a set of foot-prints walking into the jungle.
“Eureka!!!” I shouted, as I started to run off into the jungle.
While I was still running on the beach the (There’s a nice distance between the beach and the jungle) I saw the foot-prints change to the steps to the telescope.
“I’ve got you know.” I whispered to myself.
As I was climbing the stairs my foot slipped on a step making a crunching/slipping sound, which of course made the toa turn around and jump off of the platform and into the dark blue water.
“What?!?” I said aggravated. Then I did it I unfolded my wings and jumped of the ledge.
You know what? Jumping of a cliff like ledge is not very relaxing….At all.
The air whistling past my ears almost made me deaf, almost but then the adrenaline pumping through the veins in my wings making it so they started flapping!
Now only if I could get an upward draft…. I thought. And then I got it! The upward draft!
Except it was way to hard I went up, up, but thankfully not away. While I was floating above the water I was scanning it for any sign of a Toa or any life. Right now I think my chances of finding something is very slim.
Just then I saw it a blue and white outline. Okay it could have been a fish, but I think it was safe to assume it was a Toa.
“Go in after her!” The voice said.
“WHAT?!?” I shouted. “THE WEATHER IS TO STRONG AND I’M NOT A TOA OF WATER!!!” I finished still shouting.
“Calm down.” The voice said.
“Who are you?” I asked changing the subject.
“That is for me to know and you to find out” It said tauntingly.
“Like I haven’t heard that one before.” I mumbled. Then a giant wave hit me, then every thing went dark.


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(See how I use so many words? I'm such a chatter box!)

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Hum, a writer, huh? Lol, I'm a writer to, but not as good as you! I have a couple of short stories, and action moments on my blog, if you want to check it out.

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Hey Kar-jo if you wan't a good writer go to Wow she is good!